Pamela O.Kadlec

Edgefield, South Carolina

All PKPottery is made to be used in your everday life - Functional and Food Safe

roaster (100K)
Roaster - large enough for a whole chicken - $250.00

ShalLidPot (41K)
Shallow lidded pot - $200.00

lowliddedpot2 (78K)
Low lidded pot - great for cassaroles - $150.00

3LiddedPots (90K) smpot5 (25K)
smPot3 (76K) smPot4 (90K) Small lidded pots - $35.00 each

2smpots (54K)
4inch_2pots (92K) 4" tall

Small lidded pots - for appetizers or single serving meals - $35.00 - $75.00

16in_Platter (74K)
16-inch platter - $150.00

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